Schmid Pipeline Construction, Inc. is a 25 year-old natural gas and energy construction company with its field offices located in Brownsville, Pennsylvania and its corporate offices located in Maquoketa, Iowa.  We specialize in all aspects of:

Construction and Maintenance Services

  • New mainline natural gas and crude oil/petroleum pipeline construction
  • Pipeline ditch trenching
  • Right of way clearing, repair, and clean-up
  • Station construction and maintenance
  • Compressor and regulator station construction
  • Meter station construction
  • Pump station construction
  • Launcher & receiver installations
  • Valve change outs
  • Integrity multi-dig anomaly projects including cutouts, sleeve work, assessment digs, and coating repairs
  • Integrity take-up/relay work that includes inspection, repair, or removal of damaged or abandoned pipe
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Slip mitigation and repair
  • Temporary and permanent access road construction and maintenance
Schmid Pipeline Construction, Inc. has over 35 years of experience, along with the resources to complete your next pipeline project safely with environmentally proven measures to assure compliance with federal, state, and local mandates. The entire Schmid team, has extensive industry related experience to ensure safe, cost-effective and timely-completion of your work. Our highly-skilled construction teams are capable of completing an extensive array of mainline-related projects anywhere in the United States. We offer the latest technology, a large fleet of heavy equipment, and rolling stock to complete your pipeline projects on time and under budget.

Construction and Maintenance Services

Pipeline Construction & Maintenance - Station Construction & Maintenance - Compressor Installations - Compressor Change Outs - Meter Stations - Regulator Stations - Pump Stations - Take-up & Relay - Anomaly Digs/Inspections Pigging - Hydrostatic Testing - Launcher & Receiver Installation - Valve Change Outs - Civil Work - Trenching Right of Way Clearing, Repair & Clean-up  Slip Mitigation & Repair

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